Red Dune Desert Safari

Red Dune Desert Safari

Red Dune Desert Safari Dubai is one of the most anticipated adventures in the UAE.
It attracts visitors from all around the world. This thrilling journey comprises of many fun-filled activities.
For those of you, who are not aware of desert safari Dubai; it is a ravishing experience in which you explore the farthest land of the Arabian Desert with style and luxury.

Along with exploring the sandy hills, you get to take part in exciting activities such as dune bashing in a 4X4 SUV Toyota Land Cruiser, sandboarding, camel trekking, and much more.
The timings of desert safari are pre-decided according to the travel guide you choose to travel with, but you get a choice to pick either Red Dune Desert safari or morning desert safari.

Depending upon your preference you can choose the one which suits you best.
If you’re confused which one to pick,
Here are some of the great things that you’ll find in each desert safari;
Morning Desert Safari
Although a lot of activities are familiar in both desert safaris there are a few things that you might only find in the morning.

Magical Sunrise

Whether or not you’re a fan of waking up early in the morning, you’ll be inclined to get out of bed for this fantastic view.
Travel to the desert before the breaking of dawn and catch the mesmerizing view of the sun rising above the horizon. This breathtaking view is always a pleasure to watch. Apart from this beautiful view, you’ll find a wide variety of desert wildlife on your Morning desert safari.
Another big factor that you can add in the morning desert safari is the morning light. You can click some amazing pictures with the jaw-dropping portrait-like background.

Red Dune Desert Safari

Red Dune Desert safari has its own benefits.
Enchanting Sunset
If the Red Dune desert safari lets you watch the stunning sunrise in the desert, you can catch the scenic sun going below the horizon as the last rays of light fade away from the boundaries of the desert.
This attractive picture feels like a painting in the real-life. You actually feel lost in the holiness of the desert.
Cold Temperature
As the sun sets, the temperature of the desert starts falling. You actually feel the need to have a blanket on you while you’re staying in the desert.
There are a lot of interesting activities that you can do in the evening time at the cold temperature. You can arrange a BBQ in the middle of the desert.

Complete Silence

You often feel the need to spend some time in complete silence. This is your time to enjoy your own company in the wide stretches of the desert.
Both the timings of desert safari have their own perks, which make them special in their own way.

They are equally entertaining with almost the same opportunities. There are a whole lot of things that you can enjoy in the morning as well as the evening time.
Simple Walk-around in Desert Safari
Dubai Desert safari and the Bedouin culture are among the top attractions for the visitors to travel to this part of the world. It exhibits the true Arabian tradition in its purest form.
Dubai is a Muslim Emirate, but it is one of the most liberal cities in the Middle East. That makes it easy for you to enjoy this exhilarating adventure to the fullest.
There are a lot of things to do in the morning desert safari.

Roam Around

You’ll get many opportunities to roam around during the desert safari tour. Explore the long miles of desert on your feet and experience the vastness of this sandy land. It gives you a strange feeling when you roam around in the emptiness of the desert.
Sounds thrilling, right?
There are a lot of feelings that you will go through once you step into the realms of the desert.

Quad Bikes

Get ready to accelerate your way into the depths of the desert on quad bikes.
Rumble in the seamless stretch of the desert with your friends and take striking pictures while you’re in action. These adventures add the main kick to the desert safari Dubai.

Travel Early Morning

While you’ve decided to go on a morning desert safari, leave before dawn.
Try to make this journey as early as possible, before the sun rises above its horizon. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll catch a scenic view of sun rising, as it lights up the farthest depth of the desert with the fresh ray of sunlight.
The beautiful combination of silence and the magical view will forever make a place in your heart. Take pictures with this amazing portrait in the background.
Snack Stops

On your desert safari Dubai, you’ll find many shops that serve snacks and refreshments for you to get your energies back up.
Keep your credit cards with you in case you feel like making a stop at one of these shops. Also, you might need a little cash as well during this trip.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is an extreme sport that has its own thrills and tricks.
After you’ve seen the beautiful sunrise in the magnificent view of the desert, capture the ravishing session of dune bashing.

This exciting ride in an SUV smashing through the high dunes of the desert is going to be the moments you’ll always going to cherish.

Camel Trekking

If you’re afraid of riding a camel just because you don’t know how to, then you’re making a mistake. The desert safari guide that accompanies you on your camel ride usually teaches the beginners how to ride a camel. It is a fun adventure that everyone should experience in order to enjoy the morning desert safari fully. So, don’t hesitate to try this great ride.

There’s no doubt that desert safari Dubai is going to be a fantastic addition in your travel diaries, but it’s healthier to plan a few things, to better enjoy your tour.

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