Dubai city tour

What Things to Keep in Mind While Going for a Dubai City Tour:

Dubai is a fascinating city with lots of marvelous architectures and historical sites to see.
This is one of the most visited cities in the world.
In fact,
It stands among the top 10 visited cities in the world. Globally, Dubai is known as the hub for all kinds of entertainment. Regardless of the cultural background, you belong to. You’ll find this city equally amusing and pompous.
There is no off-season for the Dubai city tour. It is visited by travelers around the world throughout the year.
For anyone who is traveling to this part of the world,
Here are a few things to keep in mind while going for a Dubai city tour.

Dress Modestly:

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to cover yourself from head to toe, but a moderate dress that lets you be comfortable in the hot weather of Dubai is all you need.

Dubai is a part of a Muslim country, and no matter how liberal it is, there are still some areas in this city that follow the core Arabic culture.
Don’t wear clothes that reveal too much instead of opting for modesty. This will make you learn the Arabic culture and show the respect you have for the particular tradition. Even when you go for a private desert safari, you need to have modest clothes on.

Dubai’s Skyscrapers:

One thing you can’t afford to miss if you travel to Dubai is its marvelous skyline.
The high-buildings that exhibit the pinnacle of engineering and architecture are a sight for sore eyes. Some of these fantastic buildings include;
Majestic Burj Khalifa; largest building in the world
Exotic Burj Al Arab; most photographed site in the world

Dubai Nightlife:

These are just the beginnings of the exquisite sites that you’re going to find here. Fasten your seat belt, and don’t miss out on these magnificent sites.

There are many reasons why travelers add Dubai city tour to their travel destinations, and one of those reasons is the lively nightlife of this city.
You’ll find the most vibrant clubs and bars in this part of the country. Avoid going to these clubs on Thursdays and Fridays if you’re not a fan of big crowds. There are some strict rules because of which you’ll mostly find these nightclubs and bars in the hotels.
But,don’t make the mistake of driving after drinking, because the laws of Dubai take strict action against this act.

Desert Safari Dubai:

If there’s one thing that you are not supposed to miss, it’s desert safari Dubai.
Desert safari in Dubai is an adventure tour through the long-stretched miles of desert that allow you to see the heart and soul of this city.

Apart from seeing the scenic views of Dubai, you’re going to come across the diverse wildlife of the desert.
Dune Bashing is another adventurous ride that allows you to turn up the speed in the high dunes of the Arabian desert. Go for fun-filled activities such as; sand boarding, camel riding, and much more in this thrilling tour of desert safari.
All in all,
Dubai is a complete package of thrill and fun that you should experience at least once in your life.
Going on an overnight desert, safari is an entirely different thing. It is filled with numerous adventures and thrilling things to do that only the traveler can enjoy.

Dubai City Tour Vs. Desert Safari Dubai:

Dubai city tour offers you a wide range of fun activities along with an eye-catching skyline.
A pristine city that has almost everything you can imagine in one place makes it hard for you to resist the urge to travel there.
If you’re traveling to Dubai, you may find yourself making hard decisions.
This often happens if you’re traveling to Dubai for a very short period of time.
For those of you,
Who is going through this mental conflict between Dubai city tour and private desert safari in Dubai, let’s discuss what each of them has in store for you;

Dubai City Tour:

Dubai city tour is going to take you through a world of glamorous sites and adventures where you will witness the pinnacle of architecture.
You will come across some fantastic sights such as the tallest building in the world; Burj Khalifa, the mesmerizing; Burj Al Arab and the worldly famous artificial archipelago; Palm Jumeirah.
Have lunch or dinner in one of the most excellent restaurants in Burj Al Arab or go to the 124th observation deck of Burj Khalifa and see the magnificent view from the top of the city.

Ride a jet ski in Palm Jumeirah, which is globally known as an exquisite piece of art. As you pick Dubai city tour, you’ll find the answers; as to why this city receives so many tourists around the year.

The fact that Dubai is home to such an extraordinary collection of human-made landmarks makes it compelling enough to travel here.

Desert Safari Dubai:

If there is one thing that you can’t afford to miss in your entire trip of the UAE, that is Dubai desert safari.
You’re instantly going to fall in love with the thrilling adventures you get to experience in the tour of desert safari, not to leave behind the scenic view of the desert in the morning when the sun is rising above its horizon.

The breathtaking view of Arabian Desert is something you will relish your entire life.
In other words,
Desert is the heart and soul of this city. If you opt to go for a desert safari Dubai tour, you’ll get lost in the holiness of the desert.
Enjoy the ravishing experience of dune bashing in a 4X4 Toyota SUV Land Cruiser, where you’ll be accompanied by a professional safari licensed driver. You will feel your heartbeat racing faster as you go smashing the sandy hills.
Along with this adventurous ride,
You’ll get the opportunity of going quad-biking in the depth of desert with your friends and family. If not this, glide down the high slopes of sandy hills on a sand board.
All of these adventures make up the desert safari tour worthwhile.



 is a display of New Dubai and its amazing skyscrapers, whereas the desert safari Dubai tells you about the Arabic tradition along with the Bedouin culture. To enjoy the best of both worlds, it would be exhilarating to opt for a Dubai city tour with a desert safari.
To put,
You can’t afford to miss either of these tours.

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